Mercedes 320 - SMA - In-box
Dodane przez Stojkovic dnia Październik 11 2016 17:47:29
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As You can see in upper photos the kit is consisting of main part made in resin and some others like doors, seats and canva roof. The other elements are made in white metal.
The details are quite acceptable considering it was created in 1990's. White metal is nicely casted but it is far from the level of crisp detail which we can see nowadays in new plastic or resin kits. Anyway it's a unique Mercedes Benz 320 kit so We do not have many options on the market. Sanding the metal is rather easy but yoy must use lot of CA glue for the assemblu. The resin casting is just fine. The instruction sheet is also unique because it is handmade work not computer ilusstrated graphics. This provides some not precise drawings and sometimes it is rather a lucky gues where exactly put the model part. On the other hand the model is not a copmplex one. Overal this should turn out in a really nice and unique build, with a good idea to place it on some diorama it can be a real masterpiece.

Recomended 7/10.